Friday, October 10, 2014

Lee Min Ho's new movie trailer includes Ka Freddie's song, "Anak"

Ever since I heard the news about Lee Min Ho's first ever movie coming out this November 2014, I've been on the look out for Gangnam Blues' movie posters and trailers. And after the long wait, the movie trailer is finally here! But what surprised me about the teaser is not Oppa Min Ho, but Ka Freddie's song, "Anak".

I know that it's not impossible because the song was really good. And it is also popular internationally. I'm just shocked because I didn't expect it to be on the trailer.

What's cooler is that the song was not translated in Korean, it is really the original Ka Freddie's version. The trailer reminded  me of "Hari ng Tondo".

Watch Gangnam Blues' movie trailer below :

Gangnam Blues' 1970 is starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae-Won. I think Jung Ho-Bin (LMH worked with him before in BOF)  is also one of the casts.

Btw, are you Minoz liking Oppa's mustache? Coz I'm lovin' it! I remembered the last scene in "Faith" where Choi Young and Eun Soo met, he has mustache in that scene too!

LMH's mustache from Faith :

LMH's mustache from Gangnam Blues' 1970

I don't have any ideas yet if the movie is going to be released outside Korea, but I'm pretty sure they're open to that since Oppa has millions of fans across the globe. If you have any information on this, feel free to leave a comment below!

One thing is for sure, Oppa's fans are excited to see Gangnam Blues and they'll support it for sure!

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