Friday, August 29, 2014

Bisikleta Diaries:Day Ride to Intramuros

I've always loved biking ever since I was a little girl. But I never actually own one, until recently my friends and I decided that we should go and purchase a bike so that we could hang-out in each other's places without spending money for the Jeepney or Tricylce ride.

We decided to buy a folding bike at Bangkal, Makati City as I really don't want to spend so much on a bike and buy a new one. But I'm actually reconsidering that thought now, hehehe.

We started biking just around Makati and BGC for starters and now we're always trying to look for new places to visit with our bikes :)

We left at 4:30am in Makati and arrived around past 6am in Intramuros. It gave me the feeling like we're going on a field trip! Happy talaga ako that morning, hahaha. This was our very first time to go on a day ride, because we usually start biking at around 9pm hanggang madaling araw! That's because most of us are busy in the morning and those are only our available time. It was actually Ninoy Aquino Day when we went here, so everybody in the group are on rest days.

Here's a photo diary of our day ride to Intramuros, Manila. Warning friends, this post is a little photo heavy.

Here's the very sweaty me. The Intramuros wall was our last stop, it was my first time and glad that it was a holiday because the place wasn't so crowded.

Here's yours truly. #HAGGARDOVERSOZA

It was really very slippery going up and down, so if you're riding a bike, I suggest you push your bike going up and when going down, it's best that you hold on to your breaks and go down very slowly.

The boyfriend. 

Here's my surplus Classical Folding Bike. 

I should've taken an OOTD.

The Ladies.

It was a hot day when we went there. This is also one of the reasons why we don't want to go on a day bike ride. Takot kami sa init ng araw. And just a reminder to those who haven't tried long bike rides, make sure to bring your own bottled water to keep yourself hydrated.

The Guys.

If you're a biking enthusiast like us and is from Metro Manila (especially from Makati or Pateros), our barkada will definitely want to meet you! 

Do you have any biking experience? Share it with me on the comments below!

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