Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Birthday Wish List!

I can't believe that I'll be celebrating my 25th birthday this coming Monday. Sure, time flies by so so so fast! I've been thinking what to give myself for my birthday. Just to share, I've never been the type of person to reward or give myself a gift. I've always been a giver even if it's my birthday. I will not lie that it also makes me happy if someone remembers my birthday or appreciate my efforts and give me something, but I think it's more fun seeing other people smile because of me.

One of my friends told me that even though I'm on a tight budget nowadays, it's nice to give yourself the lovin' it deserves. I've been working too hard for months now just to pay our neck-deep debts, and I thought that, yes, I should give myself a little reward for being so hard-working and also because it's my birthday. You get to celebrate this once in a year, so might as well enjoy my special day. And I thought, I'd go and share with you what's on my first ever birthday wish list!

Here are the things I want for my birthday :

1. A Holy Bible(Pink!). I want to read this and learn more about GOD. I told myself that I want to be a changed woman after my birthday. I want to change and become a better person than what I am today. And I want to start by bringing myself closer to GOD, closer to him than ever before. I'm not saying that if you read the Bible, it will bring you closer to him, I just want to start with that.

I found these cute Bibles on Google but the one I'm getting is simpler but it will definitely be in Pink. I already checked National Bookstore for the one I want and it's kinda pricey but I'm willing to save up for it since it's going to be one of my closest friends now.

2. Days OFF. I want to spend my birthday in the comforts of my home. I want to just sleep, eat, watch DVDs and rest. I want my day to be stress-free and not think about work or the problems that I have. I just want to think of and prioritize myself for just one whole day. Thank goodness, my boss, allowed me to have my compensatory leave on the day of my birthday and after.

I used to create this image and the image at the top. Try them, they're very easy to use. I know photoshop, but it will take me ages to learn how to use that. 

3. Candles and Books. I loved reading books all of a sudden and so I asked some of my bookworm friends for some free e-books so that I can put them on my iPad mini and read them if I have some free time, they were so generous they lend me more than 4 books (Thank you so much friends!)! And to make my reading time extra special, I want to partner it with some yummy smelling candles! I hope to find some cheap ones that will fit my budget.

These candles are from Bath and Body Works, I'd love to get them next time because they aren't within my budget for now. 

This is my current read. A friend recommended this to me.

4. Quality Time with my family. After losing my dad, I realized that even though I'm working so hard nowadays, I should and I must spend quality time with my family. Because they're important.

I miss Dad every single day and I know my Mom misses him more than I miss him. Even though I work 3 jobs, I prioritize my mom next to God because I know she needs me now more than ever. And it's really really sad to lose someone so close to your heart.

Those are the things that I want to have for my birthday, nothing really fancy and grand. I just want to spend a peaceful day with myself and thank the Father Almighty for all the blessings. And if you've been a reader of my blog from the very beginning or just visited today, thank you so much, you're one of God's blessings to me.

Until my next post... God Speed.


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  1. Happy birthday! I hope everything went well, and it's nice to see another Filipino blogging!