Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So who’s Phipay again?

I’ve finally decided to go back to blogging, and I mean serious blogging.  I’m really not sure if I have followers but if I do, I will be blogging more regularly now than before. I’ll probably start with 2 posts each week and do more if I have extra time.

Anyhooooo! I want to re-introduce myself because a lot of things happened in the past few months that were very memorable for me.
(That's Haley Williams on the stage. Photo was taken a few months ago when Paramore had their second concert here in the Philippines.)

First, I had to transfer work in the middle of the year because I had a very bad experience working for one of the Telecommunications Company here in the country. It was super bad I didn’t bother about the good pay they were giving me because I felt abused and disrespected by my employer and my superiors.

Second, my dad was hospitalized last March because of Lung Cancer and died the month after, if you were reading my previous posts, I’m sure you already knew about it. It was a very painful time for me and my family because everything went so fast. It also left us a huge debt at the hospital we took him to, but I don’t mind the bills, I am working hard right now to pay for the remaining balance that we have which is about hundreds of thousands. Hahaha! But the sad part is, despite the humongous amount of medical and hospital bills, still, it didn’t give my dad a chance to live even for a few more months. That’s life, the consolation part there is he doesn’t need to suffer anymore. I miss him so much though.

So! I’m now working as a Senior Digital Strategist/Social Media/Community Manager for a very small Digital/Advertising Agency in the Metro. Social Media has been one of the things I focused on for the past couple of years, so if you are a small business looking for Social Media Services, you can hire me! Just shoot me an email(stephsuyocom). That’s my regular day job. And at night, I work as a Tutor, which I can’t elaborate more because that’s confidential.

Then on the side, I manage two online businesses. The first one is my online boutique, Stephipay’s Trinkets and Vanity Closet where I sell clothes, authentic bags and cosmetics. The second one is my online printing business, Set UR Print, where we offer printing services such as Digital Heat Press Tshirt Printing, Invitation Printing, Sticker Printing, etc. I will really appreciate it, if you go and check ‘em out!
If you have time, like SetUrPrint's Facebook page :
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I do all of these to earn extra money to pay for our remaining hospital bills and other stuff at home. I tell you it's very hard but I'm not complaining, every single day, I tell myself that I'm still blessed to be doing all of these things for my family. I am also thankful that I have a bunch of supportive friends, my boyfie, my job and GOD to help me along the way. 

Even though, I’m super busy like that, I’m still jolly and cheerful as always! Everything that happened to me inspired me to go back to blogging and share with you my life experiences. And to make sure I won’t miss posting every single week, I made myself an editorial calendar (yeah, ang lakas nito maka-PRO-blogger!)

I’m still very into Music and Singing. I’ll probably put up another section here on which is all about my Gigs and music adventure with my boyfie a.k.a Mr. Guitarist! I think I've already said too much for this post already, but I hope you were able to enjoy my super duper long re-introduction of myself and visit my page again because there will be a lot of product reviews coming up. 

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