Friday, May 10, 2013

Phipay's Series of Unfortunate Events

I just had a very short version of my own Series Of Unfortunate Events. Read on and be the judge.

I don't know but in every single year of my life there's always a disaster awaiting for me and family. And this year was the worst so far. My father was hospitalized for almost a month and he died after, which is a very very sad moment for us. On top of that, all of those left me and my family an 800,000 pesos worth of debt. Not including our monthly bills, food, etc.

Yeah, what a bummer right? I am in this moment where I think my life is doomed and I don't know how to and when to start our lives. I will never regret admitting my dad in one of the most expensive hospitals in the country even if the situation left us in debt because I think he deserved the best, and if only I'm a millionaire, he'd probably still be in the hospital right now and fighting against his Lung Cancer because I know he wanted to live, but since our bill was a string away to a million, we had to transfer him to a public hospital where the nurses and doctors just waited for my dad to take his last breath because they thought he's hopeless. Painful if you ask me, very painful that I can't do anything to extend his life.

Now, me and the rest of the family try our best to move on with our lives and keep Papa in our hearts forever.

Then after that, we had a huge issue with our relatives that I don't want to elaborate on because it's too lame to share.

Boyfriend's college friends invited me to join them because they're going to the beach. And because I wanted to think and be away from home for awhile, I decided to come just so I can have a different environment and think of what I should do with all my debts and problems.

When we got there, boyfriend and I decided to take a dip in the water then decided to go back to the cottage and sleep. As we are walking back to the shore, guess what happened? Something slashed my legs from under the water, it was very painful that I shouted and pull my right leg up to see what was that, the first thing I saw is that my right thigh was open and I can see layers of skin with blood. I don't know if you can handle the picture, but it looks something like this(but this one is worse). So I panicked and tried to walk back to the shore to ask for a remedy, I went to the hospital after that and got myself 5 stitches on my right thigh. So much for my escape :(

I sometimes ask myself why is this happening to me? But then, I read from someone else's blog that no matter what happen you should always and I mean ALWAYS be thankful to God, and I am. I know he's doing these things for the right reasons which I may not understand now, but I'll definitely know the meaning of these things when the right time comes.

So those are the things that's keeping me busy for the past few months. I hope to be able to start taking my blog seriously this time even though I don't have much time for this because I'm always on the look out for things where I can earn money from. I started to pay debt last week and it's still very far from over. I'm just staying optimistic that all these debts and problems will soon be over.

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