Wednesday, May 15, 2013

GADGET ON STAGE : Skullcandy ICON2 Headphone

My trusty old white Philips' headsets gave up on me last year because I abused it very very much, I was never really the type of girl who takes good care of her things. I really have an A**HOLE attitude sometimes, I know. This is the one that came with my Philips GO RAGA MP3 about 2 years ago. So when I broke the headset, I thought I should invest in something very sturdy and would last me like forever! Okay, so well, not forever, but you get the point, something that can last for a very long time. That also means I will need a few extra pesos to get that "FOR A VERY LONG TIME" thing, so off to the mall I went (:

I have two brands in mind and I was having a hard time thinking which one will be the best choice, but of course, I also have to think about the money that I'm willing to spend. I told myself that I should stay within a thousand pesos only. So the other brand won't make it. What I had in my mind for the brands are Skullcandy and Beats, let's admit it, the last one is suuuuuper expensive and I'm not a rich kid you know?

So I decided to search for Skullcandy headphones, and I'm super lucky that Astro Vision was on sale for their Skullcandy headphones that day(just a little insert here, I also visited Lazada's site before going to the mall and checked there headphones and saw some Skullcandy ones that cost less than a thousand, that's why I had an idea of the price rangel). I went and checked all Skullcandy headsets and other brands as well, much to my surprise the ones that Astro Vision have are way cheaper than the ones from Lazada so I decided that I'll just get it there, the downside lang is that they have less design options, pero 'keri na kasi maganda rin naman yung design na nakuha ko. So I decided to buy my first ever Skullcandy baby. Chose this one in red and black :

Got this Skullcandy headset for 50% OFF! Booyah!

Original Price : P 1795
Discounted Price : P 897.50

This has built in Microphone that I don't really love because I don't think I will ever have use for that.  

The quality of the sound is really good and you won't hear a lot of noise when you have it on your ears. The foam on it is very comfortable too, it will not make your ears sweat or feel hot. 

The design is very manly but for me that's okay.

I've used this for about 5-6 times since I bought it and I noticed that the white skull is starting to peel off. That's kind of sad, yeah, but anyway, the sound quality is more important.

These are the spare covers for the headset, I think? The other thing that I don't like about this is the very long strap, it kind of annoys me sometimes.

The headphones has 1-year warranty with Astro Vision.

Overall, I liked that it gives me a great sound quality and that when I use it, it kinda separate me from the real world and just let me enjoy the music. This is definitely a good buy, way to go Skullcandy!

Here's me, wearing my Skullcandy Icon2 Headphones at the office. Please excuse the face, haha.

What headset/headphones brand do you prefer? 

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