Friday, February 15, 2013

Little sleep to a concert

I'm going to Paramore's concert tonight at the SM MOA Arena with not enough sleep. I went home at around 7:30 this morning, slept for about an hour and a half, then here I am bored and doesn't know what to do. Soooo, the blogger in me kicked in and thought I should write a post. (:

Paramore is one of my most favorite band and up to this moment, I'm still not sure which seats I'm going to buy for me and my boyfie. But I think I would just settle for the cheapest one, haha. 

I just want to share with you a few photos of their first ever concern here, I took these with my good 'ol Sony CyberShot which I'll tag along with me again for tonight because DSLRs are not allowed inside the area. Too bad because I know I could capture some great photos with that one.

 Callalily is the opening act. Here's Kian rocking it out.

 We're far from the stage as to why Hailey and the rest of the band is super small. I really hope that if they'll go and visit the Philippines again for the 3rd time, I'll make sure I'll buy VIP tickets for me and my boyfie.


The Farro brothers wasn't able to join them :( 

I'll tell you how the concert went with in my next posts! 

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