Friday, October 12, 2012

The Filipino Lifestyle Blog!

Blogging for me is like a hobby that I don't have so much time for. Which is very sad, but you know, I  always try my very best to keep this blog active and running. I really like to share my thoughts and my everyday life(which I know doesn't interest some of you) but I am always hoping that there will be one that will find my posts entertaining and useful.

Last March, me and 2 of my office friends were inspired to start a blog. And started a blog we did.

You're probably thinking that I'm crazy because HELLOOOOO? You can't even update this one blog right here and now you want to add one more? Well yeah, I had a hard time writing for it too. Haha. But believe me, I'm really trying my best here. Maybe in my future posts, I'll share with you how my usual work day goes.

Anyway, if you all have spare time to give me =) PLEASE PLEASE visit The Filipino Lifestyle Blog. I mostly write about Fashion and Beauty tips there, but we have different Pinoy topics that you will enjoy.

I hope to see you all there!

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  1. Nice blog! Proud to be a Filipino. And a blogger, too. :)