Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What was I thinking? IAmMeg : Own The World In Style Live Auditions

One night, I received an email from a magazine that I love since High School. The email was inviting me to go to the live auditions that they're going to have. I told Mr.Guitarist and some of my friends about it, and ask for their opinions. And they all said, that I should go, try my luck. If it will not work out, it's alright at least, I gained experience.

So last May, I asked for a day-off from work to go the Meg Magazine 2 day live auditions on SM Mega Mall. Meg is looking for a fresh face that can be the very first Meg Style Ambassador.

Leaving the house at around 10:30 am with just a piece of bread in my tummy, I gathered all the confidence I have in my entire body, rode a cab and go the the auditions. The line was pretty long when I arrived and I was nervous and intimidated by some of the girls who were already in line. Most of them are damn pretty and I'm just me.

On the line, I was so nervous so I kept sending Mr.Guitarist text messages on how the girls are so pretty, model looking and all that. But still, I didn't leave the line. I asked the girl in front of me , if she's alone. Just so I can share with her what I'm feeling, I'm glad that she's super nice, and did the same to the girl next to me, who happens to be a fellow blogger(visit her blog here). The next thing we knew, we're chatting and laughing while waiting for our turn to enter the Audition Area.

Girls are waiting for their turn to enter the Audition Area.  

These people multiplied to hundreds came Lunch Time. I'm so fre***** nervous at that time. 

A schoolmate/highschool batchmate, Aya, who was the 2006's Meg Cover Girl.

Our turn came, we went to the Pre-Registered line, since I already registered via Meg's Site. They gave us a form that we'll have to fill up and we went to the different booths inside the Audition Area. The first booth I went to was the SM Accessories' where I borrowed a ring.

Next, was the John Robert Power's Booth, their representatives will give you advice on how you can present yourself in front of the judges/interviewers.

The next booth I went to was the Clinique booth. They gave us a free makeover. The 3rd lady from the right with a necklace, was the one who did my makeup. They were really fast and I'm pretty sure they were all tired by the end of the day, imagine they gave makeover to the hundred of girls who auditioned. Bravo to Clinique Team!

The next to the last booth was the VTR Booth, where the girls will be interviewed based on their answers on the form. When it was my turn, I was totally not confident, and one of the interviewers even asked me if I have a lot of insecurities. I answered him "I actually have a lot of imperfections, but I don't focus on them and instead, I accepted myself for who I am because if I will not love myself then who will?.Not exactly that, but something like that, and I wasn't even able to tell them that I can sing! Anyhoo, I wasn't really expecting something after the audition, I know deep inside that it is really not for me.

The last part was the Photo Booth, where they will ask you to pose in 3 different ways, and I looked so stressed in the photos. Haha! Anyhoo, all the girls who auditioned received a free Meg March Issue and their photo from the photo booth.

Sheree and Jamie

Jamie, I and Sheree.

The results came out and I wasn't in the top 100, but one of the girls I met did! We were so happy for her and I was really hoping that she'll be in the top 12. Even though I didn't make it, I am really happy that I got to meet a few new friends through the audition. I am really proud of myself for going and having the guts to do it. I'm very happy to know that even if I wasn't able to be in the official competition, my friends and family still believes in me and my talent. And I'm also happy that I gained experience, thanks to Meg. I am not giving up and besides, I already have my very own stage all to my self. And I'm very proud to say that,  I,Phipay, takes the stage!


  1. awww we have the same sentiments! i actually auditioned for kanta pilipinas, but i'm guessing that i won't cut in. hahaha had fever and sore throat kasi.. so i guess i didn't do well plus, the wrong song choice (wrong because my voice wasn't fit for that song at the moment). :( it was kind of embarassing but hey! at least i got to experience that :)

    1. Hi Tinay :) I visited your blog!

      Yeah, it was kind of embarrassing, pero it's okayyyy :) Tama ka, experience din yun. Plus meron pa namang next time. We can do it :) We just have to believe in ourselves. Thank you for visiting, Tinay :)