Sunday, March 4, 2012

SWG Travel : Bolinao Island!

It was the summer of 2011 when I went to Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines. I wasn't able to blog about this because I totally forgot about it. I just remembered it a few weeks ago when I was browsing through my pictures. And I think it deserve to be posted on my blog. What we really wanted to do was to hear mass at the Manaoag Church, sort of a thanksgiving for my niece, Yumi who recovered from Meningitis after staying in the hospital for more than a month(more about it here).

Pangasinan is around 4-7 hours from Makati, it really depends on how fast you are on the road. Ours took so long because we had a lot of stop overs by the road. We stayed at Treasures of Bolinao Resort for almost 3 days. The place is too expensive and I will definitely not recommend it to those who are looking for affordable ones. We weren't happy about our accommodation but we can't fuss much about it because it was our fault, we could have get an affordable decent place if we only prepared everything before we went there.

This is going to be a super long post, so bear with me pretty please!

My niece,Yumi is ready to go to the beach! This was her first beach escapade after staying at the hospital for more than a month and recovered from Meningitis :)

The best brothers in the whole entire world!
I am an only daughter.

Mr.Guitarist(my love!), Sister-In-Law and my niece, Ione.

We arrived at the resort super late so we decided to have dinner before going to our rooms.

Here's Mr.Guitarist enjoying the sunset view

The sunset was really beautiful unfortunately, we don't have much time to take lost of photos of it since the water was getting deep due to high tide.

Ate Joy, yours truly and Kaycee 

Me and Mr.Guitarist

Kaycee, Aeron, yours truly and Mr.Guitarist

Ate Jen, Ate Mia and Yours Truly

My niece, Yumi. 

She's probably wondering, what the heck her Aunt is doing.


Eating lunch :)

Sisha, is that what it is called? Not sure.

I look soooo funny here!

Bolinao beach in the morning :)

Us girls

Them boys

Before we headed back to Manila, we went to Manaoag Church. Which is really our purpose for going to Pangasina

Manaoag Church

From Manaoag Church, we had dinner at Max's Restaurant.

Here's to more adventures ! 

Overall, our stay there was pretty relaxing and fun. Thanks to all those that were with me. 

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