Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Singing Gal Review : M&Co. Lipsticks!

Hellooo Lovelies!

I’ve been involved with Direct Selling lately, I signed up to one Direct Selling Franchise here in our area last December so that I could earn extra moolah. So one time, I bought catalogues and ask my friends to buy from me(the DS Companies that I sell are Sophie Martin, Avon, Natasha, etc.). And I bought one catalogue for M&Co. and two of my friends happened to order lipstick from them. After getting their orders and trying them, they instantly loved the lipsticks especially the packaging of the ones they bought. So I just had to get one(or two!) for myself.

Here are the things that I got :

a.       M&Co. Crystal Shine Lipstick – 160php

b.      M&Co. Long Lasting Matte Lipstick with Moisturizer – 160php

What’s great about these products is that both of them stayed on my lips for so long, you don’t need to frequently reapply them. And you just need to swipe it on to your lips once to see the color. And the prices of their lipsticks are so affordable, I am KURIPOT and this passed my KURIPOT watch list :) So that's good! These are definitely good buys!

So far, I'm loving it, although the packaging that I got were broken and the tube that carries the lipstick kept on falling off. But regardless of that, I will purchase more in other colors soon!

On the left : Crystal Shine Lipstick in Natural Tint 
On the right : Long Lasting Matte Lipstick with Moisturizer in Blazing Coral

Here they are on my ugly lips :)

Long Lasting Matte Lipstick with Moisturizer in Blazing Coral with Flash

Long Lasting Matte Lipstick with Moisturizer in Blazing Coral without Flash

Crystal Shine Lipstick in Natural Tint with Flash

Crystal Shine Lipstick in Natural Tint without Flash


With Flash

on the top is the Natural Tint
at the bottom is the Blazing Coral
Without Flash

So if you're tired of reapplying your lipsticks all throughout the day just because your lipsticks doesn't stay long, you can try this out. You can order them from M&Co. Direct Sellers/Dealers across the Philippines. I'm not sure if they offer it in other countries too, but I'm pretty sure we can just send it overseas, just let me know if you'd like to purchase one!


  1. thanks for the tips and gorgeous colors!!- Audry (new 20sb member)

  2. Thank you Audry! I Liked your blog :) Let me know what your twitter account is, i'll follow you :)

  3. I recently did a review on this, only working on different shades! Now I can't wait to try these two as they look lovely basing from the swatches you made.. :) New follower here!

    Hope you can support a newbie blogger!

    1. Hi Jemimah!

      Thank you :) Of course I can support you.