Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Toiletries Story #1

I’m running out of toiletries, so I decided to pay Watson’s a visit. I used to let my mom buy my toiletries and let her pick anything she want for the whole family(I’m still living with my parents). When I started having hair fall problems I told my mom that I will start buying my own toiletries(I know I should’ve have done that when I started working). When I told her that, it was like “independent women” by Destiny’s Child was playing on the background and I thought that “Oh yeah! I’m an adult now!”OK, enough of my nonsense. 

Back to my Watson’s visit, I like shopping there because :
1. One of my closest college buddy is working there as a supervisor 
2. The store is like a one stop shop for beauty stuff, bathroom necessities, food and medicines 
3. They offer variety of products (some of the products that I use for my skin are only offered at Watson’s)and
 4.They have freebies :’) 

Their product prices are a little higher compared to their competitors and what I don’t like much about them is that their staff are not so friendly and they don’t seem to know much about their store. Why did I say that?  I visited the body bath section of the store and only saw the small size of the body wash I want so I went to saleslady #1 who was standing near me and pinching her pimple while she’s on duty (yeah, she was doing that using one of the mirrors that the store is selling) and asked if they have a bigger size for the body wash (I asked her politely), and she said”Ay, wala na po yan lang.(Sorry, that’s the only size we have)” while looking annoyed because I disturbed her and I said “Ok, Thank you” and walk away to find another soap that I can’t find. I went to ask another saleslady to ask about the soap and even described it to her, again, politely. She told me while scratching her head”Wala po kaming ganyan dito(we don’t have that here)” and so I walked away disappointed because some of the products that I used are hard to find and most of the time I can only find them on  Watson’s. Just when I’m about to fall in line and pay for the things on my basket I saw the two products I’m looking for near the Make Up Section of the store. I was relieved that I found them and thank you to the two salesladies I asked because they were a big help, NOT!

Moving on to the products I bought:
1.       Wish Face Powder(comes with a Free Cheek Tint in Magic Red)                 64.00Php(Approx. $1.50)
2.       Johnson’s and Johnson’s (comes with a Free Soft Puff)                 121.00Php(Approx.$2.81)
3.       Clear Shampoo for Women(Anti-Hair Fall)                                            112.00Php(Approx.$2.60)
4.       POND’S PURE WHITE                                                                           154.75Php(Approx.$3.60)
5.       Cream Silk(Damage Control)                                                                       102.00Php(Approx.$2.37)
6.       Active White Beauty Soap                                                                            87.75Php (Approx.$2.04)
7.       A BONNE Spa Milk Salt                                                                                   68.00Php(Approx.$1.58)
8.       BELO Essentials Day Cover                                                                           169.75Php(Approx.$3.94)
9.       BELO Essentials Body Bar(PINK)                                                                 56.75Php(Approx.$1.32)
10.   Ever Bilena Concealer                                                                                    150.00Php(Approx.$3.59)
11.   Erth Origins Hot Oil Cream Strawberry                                                    99.00Php(Approx.$2.30)
I like Pink sorry!

I love that it comes with a free soft puff!

 First time to use Wish Face Powder, I like it because it comes with a Cheek Tint!
This was the free pillow I got from them last February! 

and this is the pair of slippers I got for free from my latest visit!

Are you shopping at Watson’s? Where do you buy your toiletries? I’d love to hear about that for sure!
♥♥♥ let me know through comments!


  1. Hi, I'm a new follower from 20sb. I hope you'll be able to stop by my blog sometime.

    I have never heard of Watson's. I've heard of Walgreens, but I have a feeling they're not the same thing, although they're probably similar. I hate shopping. But...if there is a sale going on, then I'm more inclined to buy stuff.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for following me :) I'm now following your blog.

    I think Watson's is available in the Philippines only :(