Monday, February 7, 2011

Nivea Sunblock Review

 My skin armors !
 Nivea SUN SPF 50 ( for face )
( Price Range : 150php - 200php APPROX. $5.00)
Nivea SUN SPF 50 (for body)
(price range: around 400php - 500php APPROX. $11.00)
I'm scared to go to the beach because I know that I will have a higher risk of having a darker skin than going to a swimming pool ( plus, I have a choice of having a night swimming if I really want to avoid the sun. hahaha. please don't think that I'm such an idiot for saying that.) So since we went to Anawangin Cove, I just decided to arm myself with sunblock lotion. Ok, at first, I'm not that convinced that it'll protect me from getting a darker skin, but after trying Nivea Sunblock lotion, I was convinced. It really did protect my skin, its not sticky, plus you don't need to apply it every time.  It's really effective and I like this better than other sunblock lotion I tried before.

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