Monday, December 20, 2010


I never really had a signature scent, hhhmmmm.. well honestly, I never really like wearing perfumes (usually the scent of my soap or some cologne would do ). Lately, I realized how important to have one scent that would last for hours so you don’t put on cologne every hour . So I decided to try one  =) I bought a Burberry Brit ..  And I really love the smell of it! And what’s really good about it is that it stays long,  I usually spray 2-3 times a day, 3 if I’m going out after office hours.

I also have this Vanilla Frosting body mist from Simple Pleasures, that was given to me by my Team Manager as a Christmas Gift. It smells so good too, plus when you spray it, it also has glitters! Its not too sweet!  


Those will be my scent for the first month of 2011 ! 

How about you? What are your favorite scents?


  1. Just checking your blog out from 20SB!! really like this post as i was looking for a new perfeume for 2011 will have to try the vanilla one and give you my opinion.

  2. Hi PrincessBeks,

    Thanks! I think they also have 2 other scents, they have gingerbread and i forgot the other one =).

    I followed your blog too!

    Thanks again!