Thursday, December 30, 2010

I really want to blog

I really wanted to blog these past few days, and there are a lot of experiences that I wanted to share with you. Unfortunately, things had been crazy, there’s a lot to be done, plus I’m babysitting Ione and taking care of my brother’s house as well.

2 more sleeps and its 2011 already, so basically tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, do you have plans for your Meja Noche? Our family doesn’t have one yet, because for sure my brother and his wife plus baby Yumi will spend it at the hospital. We’ll just visit them there on New Year’s Day. But so far we don't have plans on what to have for Meja Noche, are we going to buy fireworks etc. but I really want to buy red dress :) coz they say it brings good luck through out the year :) I did wear a red blouse with circles on 'em last year and I did have a wonderful year! Or it is just coincidence. :P 

(These pictures was taken during my niece's 5th Birthday Party, just so I can have photos of food :])

Anyway,Heart’s Dad is celebrating his birthday today, and we’ll have to drop by their house to greet him and give him his gift. I really want to post some pictures now but I left the connector of my digital cam at home so I can’tL.

I want to have a new look for 2011 and I want to cut my hair short but I’m scared that it won’t look good on me and that it will make me look bigger. I’m still looking for ways on how to change my look for 2011. And I’m really hoping that I’ll have a super duper great year!

Do you have 2011 New Year’s Resolution ? How about plans for your Meja Noche?

Tooodles J


  1. dayumm, those are some yummy lookin' food! i'm hungry now... but it's almost lunch anyway :D i wanna cut my hair short too but i'm getting a lotta negative responses from my friends and mom so idk just yet. i think the best (and safest) bet would be to consult with your stylist. i'm sure he/she will know what look will work best for you (:

    happy new year's eve!

  2. The food looks so yummy! I am looking forward to going backwards on your blog and getting to know you better! My resolution for the New Year is to have a better year than 2010!! Maybe I will wear red tomorrow too :) Hope you have a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year!

  3. @sugarmouse awww.. thanks for the advice, you are right maybe i should consult with my stylist. Happy New Years Eve :) I'm now following your blog!

    @mrs.bee thanks! I just started blogging recently .. Nice to know you :) Happy New Year to you and your family :)

  4. wow! I love the lumpiang sariwa!! =]